Monday, June 9, 2014

Last 20 time blog

I think that 20 time was a really great project because it let me experience something new instead of being stuck in a class leaning things I probably would never use again. Although I had a lot of issues with procrastination it's like anything in life you take it as a learning experience. I was overall proud of what I had accomplished and without this project I think people would be missing out on some really great experiences. Some things you can adjust for next year might be the blog posts I think the projects can easily be started 2nd semester instead of all year. Introduce it at the very beginning and they can begin working on it but don't make anything due until after midterms. The blog post should definitely be at least every other week otherwise I know I wouldn't actually be motivated to get anything done without them so don't change that. 20 time is definitely not for everyone because you truly have to be motivated and passionate about what your doing in order for it to mean anything. If there is any advice I could give to the kids doing it next year it would be to not wait to start it until the last minute because although I was proud of my work it definitely could have been taken to another level.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

rowing documentary post 26

Finally! I am done with my video. After many hours of editing last night it is finally done and ready for everyone to see. The only thing I was annoyed with was for the first 3 minutes of my movie the software I used put in their logo and I tried everything i could to make it go away but I couldn't figure it out. Anyways other than that I am supper proud of the outcome it actually turned out to be not as boring as I had first thought. So everyone please check it out! I have no idea how to embed a video so ill just post the links and you can copy them. I made two separate ones, here is the trailer: and here is the actual video:
Enjoy! I hope you like it because it took so much longer than I had expected it too but anyways be sure to check it out.
Last weekend we traveled to Ohio for our nationals qualifier and we had to boats make it on the girls team. The Varsity Light weight eight placed third and the Varsity double also finished third. We will all be traveling to California in three weeks for Nationals where we will be racing the entire United States (everyone who qualified in their regional). Now we are training non stop so we can beat the best of the best.
Since this is my last blog post I just wanted to say thanks for listening and I hope I didn't put you to sleep too much. Thanks again! Signing off for the last time.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Rowing documentary post 25

This weekend I had a match regatta against Steele city and y quad city. One girl on the other team was huge and broke the American record on the erg machine when we went to tryouts for the national team. Two other girls on the other team had a dad that got silver in the Olympics and the girls have both gotten silver in worlds. I raced in a single a four and he double. In the single I placed third behind the girl that sett he American record and the girl that got silver in worlds. In the four we placed first by open water (a big gap) which was really great and then we didn't do so hot in the double because the water was terrible and we got 5th but overall it was a pretty successful day. Also this weekend I finally got all my videos together and I decided  it would be cool to make a movie trailer. The actual movie has been taking me FOREVER to edit because I have to do a voice over and It's pretty tricky to do. Here's the link for my YouTube video :
Sorry I have no idea how to embed it into the blog but this is just the trailer. Personally I think it's pretty intense and I'm almost worried it will be cooler than the entire video but I'll figure it out so that hopefully that won't happen. Midwest is coming up next weekend which is the nationals qualifier and I am actually so nervier since we have had so much less time on the water because of the ice age of a winter we have had. Well that's all I have for now wish us luck at Midwest (we are going to need it). 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rowing documentary post 24

Over my spring break my team and I traveled to Columbus Ohio for our first spring race of the year. I raced in a varsity four and we took seccond. After the regatta we drove through the night to oak ridge Tennessee. We stayed there having intense training all week. It was a solid 85 degrees and it was sooooo nice. We had a few punishment runs where we had to run up and down this Montain for almost two hours. My blisters along with the rest of the girls are repulsive since we went from zero rowing on the water to three two hour practices a day. We had to deal with a few injuries like someone hurt their back and almost everyone was severely burned. A few people even had sun poisoning. Although all of this went on we had an overall super fun yet restless time. To rap up the never ending week we had another regatta in Tennessee where the varsity four I was in again took second. The varsity leightwieght eight also took second and the varsity leightwieght four took first.  Coming around the corner faster then I would like is the nationals qualifier called Midwest. Our non stop training is soon to start back up in order to be prepared. It's only a month away and I'm am super nervous!

Also over this break I found out I made the selection national team! This means I will be training for a longgggggggg five weeks this summer seat racing against forty other girls to try and make a boat that will be going to Germany on the worlds team. I am extremely nervous like beyond scared but I can't wait. Well thats all for now and hopefully one day I will get to tell everyone about my awesome trip to Berlin 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Rowing documentary post 23

This past weekend has been quite crazy. We were suppose to have a home regatta but there was still too much ice on the water so it ended up getting canceled. Instead we did some major spring cleaning. We ripped all the carpet out from the entire top floor because we are getting some new carpet. We had to go through every single room and vacuumed everything. There are so many room so it actually took four years. Buttt this week we are actually suppose to get out on the water after this awful ice age. This winter season has felt like an eternity. I am more than ready to be out in our boats and not have to do any more god awful ergging. Spring break is also coming up. Every year the entire team goes to oak ridge Tennessee where we spend the entire week training on the water and we tend to do lots and lots of running. To finish off the week we have a match race against another team that is always super fun.

For my presentation I am still going to try and focus on how rowing is more than a sport it's more like a life style. I also have been thinking about making procrastination and hard work a major topic of my speech. I am the worst procrastinator everrrr and it took me a lot of focus and hard work to get myself where I am. I also want to make a part of it about how you can help our boat club because it is literally falling apart. Well that's all I have for now thanks!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Rowing documentary 22

This weekend is another BIG deal because I will be trying out for the sweeping national team (where you hold one oar in both hands). This is my backup plan kind of because I'm really hoping to make the sculling national team (where you have an oar in each hand). I have to take ANOTHER 2000 meter test ughhhhhhhh I wish I didn't have to. I also have to take a minute watt test where you basically pull as hard as you can for a minute. And then we will Maybe go out on the water but I highly doubt it since it's still freeeeeeezing outside. So if that doesn't happen we will use indoor tanks that are like pools of water that you use a real oar and stationary row. I'm kind of nervous but I really just want it to be over with to be honest. 

Ahhhh I didnt finish this post so I'll tell you how camp went. I actually was 2 seconds away from my pr so I was pretty happy with myself since I had to taken a lot of time off for hockey. We ended up going on the water even though it has snowed like 2 inches the night before. It was absolutely FREEZING. I had to also row on the opposite side then I normally row on (port instead of starbort). I had known the coaches from last year when I tried out and they told me I was on the right track and they were impressed so I was very happy. The amount of pain I am in right one is ridiculous I am so sore but that was my last indoor 'regatta' so I am so HAPPY,! That's all I have for now hopefully by next blog post I will have the results for the other national camp!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rowing documentary 21

This past weekend the girls attended the last indoor rowing regatta of the season. I placed second in my category. Unfortunately I did not get my pr but I didn't do too awful. The assistant selection coach was there from the national team which made me a little nervous. But we talked about how I was doing and my training schedule since I had gone and tried out in California a few months ago. I am getting a little nervous because we are suppose to here back by the end of the month if we made the team or not. In the lightweight category the girls sweeper getting first second and third. Third place in the varsity category was my best friend Noelle Perry and everyone did super amazing! All thought this is the last team indoor regatta I am going to try out for the other national team. There are two different ones. In rowing there are two differnt types. You can row with an out in each hand called sculling or one oar in both hands that is called sweeping. I have already tried out for the sculling one and now am going to tryout for the sweeping one. I'm not sure yet which one I would rather be in yet but I am just going to wait it out and see if I even make the team. The waiting is actually killing me though and I can't wait to get this over with. 
My presentation is still coming along and I'm having a little trouble with it but I have been watching the told ted x YouTube videos for inspiration. I think by next week I. Should be able to start writing the script and my movie is almost done I just need to finish up editing.